[At Kaymakkin] Ideological Positions of Cypriot anarchism in the 1980s

published on February 20, 2018 by Syspirosi Atakton

Syspirosi Atakton is organising a discussion event on the Ideological Positions of Cypriot Anarchism in the 1980s, as recorded in the Limassolian magazine “Train in the City”, and explore its relation to the post-2000s island anarchy.
The event will take place at Social Space Kaymakkin, on Friday the 23rd of February, starting at 19:30. The event will be in Cypriot Greek with the usual whisper-translation into English for those who need it. [Facebook event]

In the context of February’s Autonomous School, Sispirosi Atakton is hosting the presentation titled “Train in the City: Ideological Positions of Cypriot anarchism in the 1980s”. The presentation will focus on the general ideological positions of Cypriot Anarchism in the 1980s, as they were expressed in the magazine Train in the City, in comparison to the ideological currents of Cypriot anarchism which emerged after the year 2000.

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