Critical Mass is back! (Bicycle ride/Ποδηλατοπορεία)

by Critical Mass

11 months ago

(english description follows) Την Τετάρτη 18 του Ιούλη μαζευόμαστε στις 18:30 στην πλατεία της Παλιάς Αγοράς τζιαι αναβιώνουμε το Critical Mass στους δρόμους της Λευκωσίας! Φερτε τες φίλες τζιαι τους φίλους σας, φερτε μπαλονια, μουσικα οργανα, ζογγλερικά, μεταμφιεστείτε, βαφτείτε ή ό,τι άλλο σκεφτείτε. Ελάτε με ποδηλατα, πατινια, skates, ούλλα ευπρόσδεχτα. Επαναδιεκδικούμε τους δημόσιους χώρους της πόλης για όλους/ες! Αν δεν προλάβετε την ποδηλατοπορεία κοπιάστε στο τέλος της διαδρομής στην πλατεία της Παλιάς Αγοράς, όπου εννα ακολουθήσει παρτούι με ζωντανή ρεμπέτικη μουσική. Εισφορές που εννα μαζευτούν εννα παν για την διοργάνωση του Φεστιβάλ Οικοπόλις. On Wednesday we gather at 18:30 at the square of the Old Municipal Market and bring Critical Mass back in the streets of Nicosia! Bring your friends, balloons, musical instruments, juggling stuff, dress up, facepaint or whatever else comes to mind. Come with bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, all welcome. Let’s reclaim public spaces for all! In case you miss the bike ride, join us at the party that will follow at the end of the route (same place as starting point, square of the Old Municipal Market) which will include live rempetika music. Donations collected during the party will be donated to Ecopolis Festival.    ...

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Celebrating 10 years since the opening of the Ledras-Lokmacı crossing point

by G/c and T/c Teachers' Platform "United Cyprus"

1 year ago

Political celebration on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the opening of Ledra-Lokmaci checkpoint.

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[1984 Bar'da] "Sansüre inat “Sadece Diktatör"

by kontrasusta

1 year ago

Kıbrıslı tiyatro emekçileri,26 Şubat Pazartesi akşamı saat 20.

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[At Kaymakkin] Ideological Positions of Cypriot anarchism in the 1980s

by Syspirosi Atakton

1 year ago

Syspirosi Atakton is organising a discussion event on the Ideological Positions of Cypriot Anarchism in the 1980s, as recorded in the Limassolian magazine "Train in the City", and explore its relation to the post-2000s island anarchy. The event will take place at Social Space Kaymakkin, on Friday the 23rd of February, starting at 19:30. The event will be in Cypriot Greek with the usual whisper-translation into English for those who need it. [Facebook event] In the context of February's Autonomous School, Sispirosi Atakton is hosting the presentation titled "Train in the City: Ideological Positions of Cypriot anarchism in the 1980s”. The presentation will focus on the general ideological positions of Cypriot Anarchism in the 1980s, as they were expressed in the magazine Train in the City, in comparison to the ideological currents of Cypriot anarchism which emerged after the year 2000....

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Demonstration: Freedom for Ahmed, Freedom for Röszke11

by Ahmed Solidarity Group

1 year ago

[ελληνικά πιο κάτω] Ahmed’s case will be retried on 8th, 10th and 12th of January. On the 10th join us to protest outside the EU House in Nicosia About the case: Ahmed, legal resident of Cyprus, was arrested at the Röszke/Horgos crossing of the Hungary-Serbia borders, during his attempt to help his parents come to Europe. He was arrested with 10 others known as the Röszke11, during protests that sparked when the Hungarian authorities shut the border and made any crossing a criminal offence. Then he was accused of orchestrating a terrorist attack, and after one year of imprisonment, on 30th of November 2016, he was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment in high security prisons. All requests for visits were rejected or ignored by the authorities. His unsubstantiated and unacceptable conviction and imprisonment are a part of the wider European system of fences, prisons and borders aiming to criminalize free movement and solidarity in the struggles of migrants. On the 15th of June 2017 in Szeged, Hungary, Ahmed H. had his second instance trial which referred the case back to the first instance court to reconsider the terrorism charges due to "lack of reasoning and interpretation". The first rounds ot the reconsideration took...

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Genders & Power Vol. 5

by syspirosi_atakton

2 years ago

For the fifth consecutive year, Syspirosi Atakton, an anarchist, anti-authoritarian, anti-oppressive group rooted in Nicosia organizes the Genders and Power festival. The aim is to discuss and elaborate on the ways genders, in their intersections with multiple sociopolitical and cultural categories of difference, interact in myriad ways and arbitrarily produce systemic inequalities. This year, discussions will focus on women’s agency, reproductive justice, lesbian desire, and queer Cypriot art. Abjected voices and their resistance to hegemonic power structures will be put at the center of our struggle. Genders and Power festival neither essentializes nor naturalizes identities or experiences of any kind. It rather seeks to signalize, understand and deconstruct various societal systemic power relations in order to resist them; and here lies its political importance. Accountability, situatedness, and self-reflexivity are all really important elements of our festival’s approach as it seeks to denormalize and delegitimize power differentials and categories through engaging discussions, interactive performances, and parties with politics. Join us! Two-day Festival Schedule Friday, Dec. 8th Saturday, Dec. 9th 19:00 Nandia Efthymiou & Elena Pissaridou: Women’s migration and sex work: destabilizing the logocentric framework of trafficking [ΕΛΛ/GR] 18:00 Erman Dolmacı – Queer Cyprus Activist: Intersectionalities: Feminism, antimilitarism, ecology, anticapitalism and veganism [ENG/ΑΓΓ] 20:30: Rooftop Theatre Group Edep-siz...

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