Modern Cyprus in 24 Documentaries

by delirium

1 year ago

This list attempted to collect the most noteworthy documentaries on Cyprus from the 1970s until today. The list is not exhaustive and the selected documentaries are included for having contributed, in one way or another, to a better understanding of the Cypriot experience, in the historical context they were produced. Not all documentaries in this list are freely available. Those who are not, are arranged in this list for their documentation, as knowledge of their very existence is limited. It should be noted that a number of documentaries are not readily available in any format, and have not been included in the writing up of this list, as they couldn’t be assessed. The list is organized chronologically. Life Chances: Four Families in a Greek Cypriot Village (1973) Language: English. Subtitles: None. Duration: 40m. The first ethnographic film on Cyprus by Peter Loizou, Life Chances explores the lives of four Greek Cypriot families in the village of Argaκi and the changes in their modes of living with the development of agricultural production. The availability of the film is sadly limited to individuals who have institutional access to the Alexander Street online archive.   Limited Availability: Attila '74 – The Rape of Cyprus (1974) Language: Greek, English. Subtitles: Greek,...

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